These master classes start at 9 am to approximately 1:30 pm. The classes will stop for a short break at some time during the morning. You are invited to join Giuliana and her team for lunch after the class. From approximately 1:30 pm to 3:30pm free of charge. Please note that some of the classes may run a little overtime so allow for some flexibility.

Class size: maximum 6 people.


Cost of class : $255 per person. Lunch is free.

These mini classes start at 2 p.m. to approximately 4 pm. and are designed to focus on one dish. You are invited to join Giuliana and her team for a tasting after the class. Please note that some of the classes may run a little overtime so allow for some flexibility.

Class size: maximum 6 people.


Cost of class : $75 per person. Tasting is free.


Masterclass | $255 pp

Traditional Pasta Masterclass

Learn to make a variety of pasta and why different dishes have different shapes. Why some dishes use Pasta al uovo (Egg pasta) and others, pasta senza uova (eggless pasta). This class will introduce you to some delicious sauces and topping and teach you how to make Sagne Ricce, Cavatelli con rape or broccoli, Cici e trie (tagliatelle e ceci) and Ravioli di Ricotta.


Masterclass | $255 pp

Pasta Rustica (Rustic Pasta)

There are so many amazing pasta dishes that we thought we would introduce a second pasta class to showcase a few more. In this class we will show you how to make Pasta e Fagioli, Strozzapreti with a beautiful seafood sauce (the type of seafood will depend on the availability), Maltagliati e Cavolfiore and Ravioli di Carne (meat-filled ravioli)


Masterclass | $255 pp

Italian Bread, Pizza, Focaccia

Let us dispel some myths around bread, pizza and focaccia and introduce you to what they really should taste like. Learn to make delicious breads, focaccia di funghi, traditional pizza, and rolled pizza. The class will also introduce you to amazing pittole (bread rolled around cauliflower and cheese), panini, real garlic bread and a wonderful bread with apples and lemon.


Masterclass | $255 pp

Meat Lovers

This class will show you how to slow cook Osso Buco and serve this with the perfect polenta, roasted rolled pork, cotolette, pepperoni or zucchini ripieni and Italian style roast chicken.


Masterclass | $255 pp

Perfect Italian Dishes

Italians are great at adapting one thing to create a number of easy and delicious dishes. The traditional sugo, Pasta sauce, (sometimes called Ragu in other parts of Italy) can not only be used for the usual pasta experience but also to make Riso al Forno, (similar to Lasagna but with rice) Melanzane Ripiene (Stuffed Eggplant), La Parmigiana, Bracciole and Gnocchi. 


Masterclass | $255 pp

Un Pranzo Italiano (An Italian Lunch)

An Italian three-course lunch starting with a wonderful soup filled with greens and meatballs then followed by a traditional Lasagne from southern Italy. This Lasagne is quite different from the usual Bolognese Sauce based experience that most people have had. The real deal takes many hours to produce and is a rich, gastronomical indulgence that has to be tried to be believed. Finally, we will be making a beautiful light Tiramisù with our home-made Mascarpone cheese. Just fabulous!! 


Masterclass | $255 pp

Al Fresco Food

This class has to be my favourite. We will make fresh ciabatta and olive bread, roasted capsicum salad, eggplant salad, garden salad with simple but tasty Italian dressing, dips, frittata and more.  Sounds simple but tastes amazing. Take up my invitation and stay for lunch. Enjoy this spread with some prosciutto crudo, salami and tasty cheeses.


Masterclass | $255 pp

La Festa Italiana (The Italian Feast)

The Festa Italiana class is reminiscent of the type of meal that we would have to celebrate special occasions. This class will provide you with the skills to put together a five-course Italian feast.  A simple Antipasto, Brodo di Gallina con Triddhri, Cannelloni, Agnello Arostito and Zuppa Inglese for dessert. You will have to allow for extra time as both the preparation and enjoying the meal itself will take some time. 


Masterclass | $255 pp | only in Winter

Winter Warmers

Soups and stews are a wonderful addition to any culinary repertoire. Italian soups are not only healthy and full of flavour but there is that extra something special that Italians do so well! This class will show you how to make traditional minestrone, risotto, cabbage and pork, beef spazzatino with polenta, zuppa di lenticchie. 


Masterclass | $255 pp | only when artichokes are in season

Carciofi (Artichokes) 

While artichokes are in season in our veggie patch we would love to introduce you to this amazing vegetable that must rank as one of our all-time favourites. Artichokes have enormous health benefits and taste truly wonderful. Let us show you how to select, prepare and cook these using traditional methods. Once you have tried them you will never overlook them again. In this class we will prepare Zuppa di Carciofi (artichoke soup), Parmigiana di Carciofi, Carciofi Bolliti, Carciofi con Lenticchie (Artichokes with lentils; a powerhouse of goodness), Insalata di Carciofi (artichoke salad), Carciofi al Forno con Pollo (Baked Artichokes with Chicken) and Focaccia di Carciofi (artichokes focaccia) 


Gnocchi con Sugo di Pomodoro

Miniclass | $75 pp

Gnocchi is one of the Italian dishes that has fallen victim to over simplification in modern times. Traditional gnocchi are wonderfully soft and light and are formed with a twist in order to hold onto the condiment. Taste the difference of homemade authentic gnocchi smothered in a fresh tasting tomato sauce.  

Tagliatelle con Sugo di Carne

Miniclass | $75 pp

Tagliatelle (sometimes known as Fettuccine) is a simple pasta that can be used with many different types of condiments. In this Mini Class we will show you how to make the perfect pasta in a simple and quick way. You will also be shown how to make an authentic meat based pasta sauce. (If you prefer a vegetarian sauce then please let us know when you book)


Miniclass | $75 pp

Tiramisù is one of Italy’s most famous dessert dishes. In this Mini Class you will not only learn to make a traditional Tiramisù  but we will also show you how to make your own Mascarpone cheese. 

Cannoli and Chiacchiere

Miniclass | $75 pp

Cannoli and Chiacchiere are also famous Italian desserts. In this Mini Class you will learn to make cannoli and fill them with ricotta cream. We will also show you how to make Chiacchiere (also known as Crostoli)

Pane di Spagna

Miniclass | $75 pp

This is a delicious Italian sponge cake filled with Crema Pasticcera and espresso coffee. This cake is a festive cake and well worth the experience.


Miniclass | $75 pp

The Zuccotto is another of Italy’s wonderful desserts. This sponge dome has a rich, lemon, chocolate and nut filling. Beautiful to look at but better to eat!

Parmigiana di Vitello

Miniclass | $75 pp

In this Miniclass you will learn to make beef cotolette and a fresh tomato sauce. The cotolette are baked with pecorino cheese and are absolutely fantastic. We will also make Patate con Cavolfiore as a side dish. I know you will love it.

Tomato Bottling Class

Miniclass | $75 pp | only when tomatoes are in season

We will show you the traditional Italian method of preserving tomatoes both as Salsa (Passata) and Pomodori Pelati. You will receive a bottle of each to take home and try.

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